Why the Bible says "DON'T RETIRE!"

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Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston
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By David Bradshaw ~ Idea Factory Press

With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 60 years old every day, it's no wonder retirement planning is such a hot topic in the mass media.


Sadly, most news headlines proclaim familiar realities; the average Boomer's savings are miniscule, Social Security is insolvent, pensions are a thing of the past and generational economic gaps are growing fast.

For Christians the larger question today is; What, if anything, does the Bible say about retirement? Could it be the faith-full have bought into some faith-less myths about work, savings and retirement - instead of biblical truths?

For example, Webster defines "retire" as: 1: to withdraw from action or danger, 2: to retreat for privacy, 3: to move backward, 4: to withdraw from occupation, conclude working or career.

All four of these withdrawals mark the end of a season of life. "Where do I go from here?" is the question on millions of Boomers' minds today. Should I "retreat," or advance?

The Bible does not endorse "retiring" or "retreating" - from work, life, danger or action! Rather, mid-life and beyond is a time to retool, rewire, redeploy and rediscover our true career in God. It should be no surprise that Christians are called to do just the opposite of "retire" - which is "to arise, to get up!"


RETIREMENT CRISIS: AMERICANS LIVING LONGER, SAVING LESS, reports CBN NEWS. "When it comes to growing old in America, there's good news and bad news. Workers are living longer, but more than half risk not having saved enough to maintain their standard of living in retirement."

Meanwhile, tens of millions of Baby Boomers are beginning to abandon the whole notion of retirement at 65. USA TODAY reports, "For many Boomers, the old concept of retirement just doesn't register; experts say most either plan to continue in their current job or envision a new career."

In his bestselling book THE BIG SHIFT, author and founder of Encore.org Marc Freedman makes an impassioned call to accept the decades opening up between midlife and old age for what they really are - an entirely new stage of life - dubbed the "encore" years.

Encore.org offers Baby Boomers expert advice, tips and success stories to help seekers pursue an encore career in education, health care, counseling or the nonprofit sector. Swiss America's new Primelifers.org website has links to over fifty resources designed to serve as a bridge over the troubled waters of mid-life transition.

Millions are already embracing the idea that an "encore career" - working beyond the usual retirement years - is both a healthy and Christian concept. Ironically, scientific research is now also confirming that retirement is unhealthy; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

"Baby Boomers are coming to a big realization: Success and security just aren't enough anymore. They want something more fulfilling out of life, that feeds their spiritual side and connects them to a bigger purpose. For many, the answer is embracing faith - and devoting their lives to serving others," reports the WALL STREET JOURNAL.


Back in the 1940s the U.S government made entitlement promises to citizens it can no longer keep in the 21st century. Retirement benefits after age 65 were calculated during an era when the life expectancy was age 68 and the average family was 3.76 people. Today we're living 10-20 years longer and the average family has shrunk to 2.6 people!

As the saying goes, "If your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep becomes your downfall."

What is true for individuals is also true for nations. Both debt and death are derived from the same root word and today the U.S. is on a trajectory for bankruptcy unless we learn to live within our means.

The truth is, a Christian worldview of life includes no promise of an earthly "retirement," or living an idle life, perpetually at rest. Christians, above all, need to begin the process of unlearning - deprogramming the world's humanistic entitlement worldview on the subject of retirement.

Gradually over the last century most Americans' ability to save for retirement has been destroyed by inflation. Politicians print trillions of paper dollars which debase the purchasing power of what we work 90,000 precious hours of our lifetimes to earn and save!

"The good news is that an alternative already exists," writes Susan Boskey, author of THE QUALITY LIFE PLAN(R)."Retirement's 21st Century extreme make-over is REINSPIREMENT. Reinspirement has been born from the ashes of the exponential loss of purchasing power in a debt-based monetary system."


Today Americans' trust in political leadership and institutions seems to be in free-fall. Many Boomers are now fearful they may outlive their savings and become dependent upon family, or simply the kindness of strangers.

With Christian maturity we discover that our deepest yearning is not to stop but to go - to discover and fulfill what we were made for, exploring new worlds of our heart, dreams and soul.

Swiss America has joined forces with many non-profit organizations in the past, such as the American Red Cross, to distribute millions of educational resources that have helped Americans gain peace of mind and a secure future. They are doing the same with us today.

Over the last thirty years Swiss America has grown to become the most respected precious metals firm in the U.S. - based on their unwavering dedication to financial preparedness and stewardship.

It would be a modern American tragedy to watch your hard-earned money - saved during your first half of life - fall victim to a debased dollar and bad economic policies in your second half of life.

Swiss America's latest FREE resource DON'T RETIRE, GET RE-INSPIRED! is offered to help you discover your true calling AND to find out how easy it is to protect your life savings in the process!

"DON'T RETIRE, GET RE-INSPIRED: A Baby Boomer Handbook for the Second Half of Life" features wisdom and insights from; Pat Boone, Craig Smith, Lowell Ponte, Mark Freedman, Richard Rohr, Susan Boskey and many more.

"DON'T RETIRE, GET RE-INSPIRED" will help you discern your place of service. This is no time to retire, but rather to get re-inspired! Learn how to earn all you can, save all you can and give all you can.

CALL 800-289-2646 or register here for a free "DON'T RETIRE, GET RE-INSPIRED" Boomer Handbook, audio CD and Swiss America's newsletter, "The Simple Truth" with time-tested strategies to protect your hard-earned money with hard-owned money!

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